Păstrăvăria Albota, Arpașu de Sus 505, 557016, Sibiu


Conference Rooms

Upgraded Conference Rooms at Albota Tourist Complex

In the heart of the Albota Tourist Complex, there are three ultramodern conference rooms, prepared and well equipped to provide a quiet and comfortable environment for any type of business event. These spaces are perfectly designed for a wide range of corporate meetings, seminars, trainings, teambuilding sessions and workshops, providing an intimate and natural setting. The location in a picturesque area and the mountain air contribute significantly to maintaining concentration and attention, resulting in increased productivity of participants.

Versatile Infrastructure and Dedicated Staff

The conference rooms in the Albota Tourist Complex and Pastravaria Albota are the ideal choice for organizing high impact business events and conferences. Equipped with modern facilities and supported by a dedicated staff, they blend seamlessly with the stunning natural setting, ensuring you have everything you need to create successful and unforgettable events.

Diversity and Capacity of Spaces

Two of the conference rooms have a flexible capacity, accommodating between 12 and 30 people. They are equipped with flip-chart, video projector, screen, internet connection, pens, markers and paper, providing our clients with a relaxing and efficient experience even during moments of intense concentration.

The most spacious conference room can accommodate between 40 and 80 people, ideal for business meetings of multinational companies. Equipped with equipment such as flip-chart, video-projector, screen, internet connection, pens, markers, paper and audio system, this room is perfectly adapted to the needs and various requirements of Albota Complex clients.

Additional Services and Options

At the Albota Complex, companies can opt for Coffee Break packages, offering customers the choice of a variety of coffees, teas, cookies, juices or fruits. This additional service complements the conference and event experience, providing a moment of relaxation and energization for participants between intense work sessions.

Personalised Coffee Breaks

The Albota Complex is dedicated not only to providing excellent spaces for business events, but also to offering moments of relaxation and refreshment through its Coffee Break services tailored to the needs of clients.

Delicious Coffee Break Options

For companies renting conference rooms, the Albota Complex offers two distinct Coffee Break options. The first option offers participants a wide range of coffees, teas, water and cookies, creating a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere during breaks. Each choice is carefully selected to meet the diverse preferences of the participants.

Extended version for guests of the Albota Complex

The extended version is designed to offer a more complete and refined experience. In addition to premium coffees and teas, this option includes water, fresh cookies, fresh fruit and natural juices. All of these are carefully chosen and prepared to provide a variety of flavours and nutrients to satisfy the diverse tastes and needs of participants.

Quality and Provenance Guaranteed

The food prepared for these coffee breaks is made in our restaurant, ensuring that each snack is fresh, delicious and meets the highest quality standards. In addition, the water offered during these breaks is extracted and bottled right in the Albota Complex, guaranteeing its freshness and quality.

Combining Taste and Professionalism

The Coffee Break offered by the Albota Complex is not only a break in the event, but also an opportunity to complement the conference and business meeting experience with fine tastes and authentic freshness. Choosing between the two options allows companies to customize these breaks according to the preferences and needs of the participants, thus ensuring a pleasant atmosphere and a welcome moment of relaxation at their corporate events.

Rates and Accommodation

For events requiring more than one day, there is the option of accommodation at our hotel, and further details about accommodation rates can be found on our website under“Accommodation Rates“. The Albota Tourist Complex and its conference rooms are designed to provide a conducive and efficient setting for memorable and productive business events.

Conference room rates and related services

Conference room (12-30 seats) - 2 rooms 350 lei day/room flip-chart, video projector, screen, internet, pens, markers, paper
Conference room/pavilion (40-80 seats) 700 lei day/room flip-chart, video projector, screen, internet, pens, markers, paper, audio system
Coffee break var. 1 10 lei/pers. coffee, tea, water, cookies
Coffee break var. 2 17 lei/pers. coffee, water, cookies, fruit, juices
Details: 0269-233.503; 0743-280.009; office@albota.sobis.ro