Păstrăvăria Albota, Arpașu de Sus 505, 557016, Sibiu


Special offers of Albota Complex for a successful holiday

The Albota Complex aims to make sure that all visitors have a unique and pleasant experience when they want to organize their holiday with us, or just when they want to buy our 100% organic products, prepared right in the complex and the two nearby farms.

We focus on the comfort and well-being of our customers. With these things in mind, intensive work is being done to organize special holiday offers for visitors to the complex, including as many recreational and informational activities as possible for you and your family. Have a relaxing holiday full of beautiful memories.

When it comes to Albota brand products, they are 100% organic, with more than 80% of all food used in the restaurant and shops of the complex being home-grown. The animals are bred at Cartisoara Farm, near the complex, which you can visit if you are interested. The fish are reared and fished from the 14 lakes set up for the production of rainbow and fox trout.

Products Brand


Our complex and our Pastravaria offers you a variety of artisan and authentic food products, made from organic ingredients from our own farms. Whatever your preferences or tastes, we offer a range of delicious and healthy products, prepared with great care and attention to detail.

All products are home grown, sourced from one of the 3 locations: Pastravaria Albota, Ferma Cartisoara and Ferma Poienita. Within these three locations we have several meat and milk processing workshops to ensure that our food meets the highest quality standards.

Special Programme

for the Holidays

During Easter/Christmas/New Year’s Eve and other legal holidays, we organize different holiday packages which may include: excursions, special programs for children, qualified staff to supervise children, family activities such as contests, raffles and family games where you can win different prizes.

In these holiday packages the price is fixed, which is different from our usual rates. Rates are specified in the holiday plans and include all activities and meals specified in the programme.

Farm Tour

from Cartisoara

If you want to visit the Cartisoara Farm, which belongs to the Albota Complex and Farm, just ask for access. Cartisoara Farm helps us to offer our customers products of the highest quality standards. This place located in the middle of the natural beauty of the Fagaras Mountains, gives us the certainty that all our products are 100% natural, made from local ingredients, grown by us, making each piece of food fresh and authentic.

At Cartisoara Farm, in a natural and ecological setting, are raised: sheep, goats, cows, water buffalo, Angus cattle, rabbits and ducks. All these animals are carefully supervised to ensure that any food is as natural and healthy as possible. We want to fulfill the dream of living in a clean environment, knowing where the food we eat comes from and making sure our guests’ every need and desire is met.

At Albota, fresh and authentic food is produced through an ecological chain in which each link is its own production. These products are the basis of the dishes served in the restaurant of our Complex, as well as in our own point of valorisation in Sibiu: Restaurant Hermania. If you want to buy different foods from our production, we are waiting for you in our shop in the complex, in the online shop or at Bacania Albota in Sibiu.

Our physical store in the Complex is at the address:

Pastravaria Albota Tourist Complex

Address: DC47, Arpasu de Sus, jud. Sibiu, 557016

Phone: 0743321015

Programme: 08:00 – 21:00

Bacania Albota, together with Hermania Restaurant in Sibiu can be found at the address:

Bacania Albota

Address. Filarmonicii nr.2, Sibiu, 550165

Phone: 0745-669.334


Monday – Saturday: 09:00 – 20:00

Sunday: 09:00 – 15:00

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